Marsh Financial Advice Will Stay Open

Times are pretty uncertain for us all at the moment. The financial markets are still exhibiting some pretty funky behaviour and the only certainty is that there is lots of uncertainty as to how this will all play out.

I just want to let you know that the team at Marsh Financial Advice will still be here to look after you. Even in the worst case where we are all confined to our homes, Marsh Financial Advice will run pretty much as usual.

Marsh Financial Advice is based on flexible working arrangements. In fact, I am currently writing this at the local pool watching my daughter swim squads (probably for the last time for a while)! I have always had a fully functioning office at home as well as my office at Urban CoWork. I already offer Zoom meetings for all my clients as an alternative to face to face. I currently have clients all around Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin. They have all been serviced via online meetings. I now expect all my clients will move online via Zoom.

As for the team, flexibility is a value that is core to what we do. Both Lucy and Allana already work remotely from me and from home. So, we are well positioned to continue to look after you.

As most of you know, all the team are mums. Worst case, if they shut the childcare centres and schools, life will be a bit more hectic for the three of us, but we have all committed to continue to work. We are a strong flexible team who believe in the difference financial advice can make to the lives of our clients. In times of uncertainty it is even more important that we are here for you.

I am confident that we will continue to serve you all and guide you through these unsettled times.

Sending our love to you and your family,

Shelley Marsh and the team at Marsh Financial Advice

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